High Sheriff College Champions

High Sheriff College Champions is a new addition to enable Kurshida to work with young people drawn from Milton Keynes College and Bucks College Group to provide opportunities for them to showcase their skills.  Kurshida hopes to learn from the young people so that she can better understand the issues faced by them within the County, as well as provide an opportunity to give voice to young people to empower and nurture their development.

“Building aspiration in our learners by opening doors to new experiences for them is key to our Fairer Futures strategy, so we were thrilled when Kurshida approached us with her idea for High Sheriff’s College Champions. The students are also excited by what opportunities this year will bring - we can’t wait to see what they’ll achieve together with Kurshida.”

Rebecca Myrie, Head of Community Engagement, Milton Keynes College Group

“Bucks College Group students are honoured to be chosen as High Sheriff Champions and are extremely grateful to Kurshida for this fantastic opportunity. The High Sherriff Champions are super excited to showcase their skills and work closely with Kurshida on issues facing young people within their communities.”

“The College is passionate about working with its local and wider communities to transform futures through learning and welcomes this chance to work in collaboration with Milton Keynes College in supporting the High Sheriff during her shrieval year to ensure that all young people have the best possible chance to succeed.”

Nicola Ellis, Assistant Principal Student Engagement & Support, Bucks College Group.

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