Multi Faith Chaplaincy

The high sheriff’s chaplains support and uphold the High Sheriff in fulfilling their role.  They are drawn from faith and belief organisations of all kinds and can include individuals and communities who have no religious or denominational faith.

Traditionally High Sheriff Chaplains reflect the faith of the High Sheriff, but departing from tradition, Kurshida will be supported by a Multi-Faith Chaplaincy drawn from her Islamic faith and the Christian, Jewish, Bahai, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist faiths.

Rooted by her core Islamic values of Peace, Justice and Love for humanity, this is to further her quest to create understanding between communities and to work together, uniting us in our shared values for the good of humanity.

Celebrating that “we have far more in common than that which divides us” Kurshida’s passion for supporting and building resilient and cohesive communities is inspired by her faith:

“Shall the reward of good be anything but good” (Surah Ar Rahman: Verse 60). 

Diversity and pluralism are integral to the message of the Quran:

“People, we created you all from a single man and a single woman, and made you into races and tribes so that you should recognize one another.  In God’s eyes, the most honoured of you are the ones most mindful of Him; God is All-Knowing, and All-Aware.”

(Surah Al-Hujurat: Verse 13)

In Islam community, coexistence and freedom of religion is an absolute fundamental human right.  In Surah Al Baqarah:  Verse 110 Allah says that ‘You are the best community for humanity, so long as you enjoin the common good and believe in Allah’.

Islamic civilisation is a testament to this principle of coexistence and it took pride in combining the geniuses of all races, faiths and backgrounds to shape its success.  The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) taught his companions to treat everyone, regardless of belief and background, with equality, respect and tolerance.  A neighbour, he said has rights over you, and this extended to mean an entire community.

When the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) emigrated from Makkah to Madinah, he was welcomed by the residents of Madinah and selected as their Leader because of his good character.  One of his first acts in Madinah was to establish an administration which would foster peace and harmony that would be acceptable to all parties to bring an end to hostilities and violence to Madinah’s diverse and multi-faith society. To achieve this, he drafted a charter that guaranteed the safety of all citizens regardless of their religion, and brought an end to internal conflict.  An important point of the charter was the recognition of all people as ‘one community’ and accepting a multi-faith society where the whole community would oppose either injustice to individual members and / or the whole community and protect each other collectively.

Inspired by the teaching of her faith, Kurshida wishes to work with her Chaplaincy Team, to bring people together, to create a better understanding of the important role of faith communities in the UK and the county of Buckinghamshire to enable community cohesion between and within communities.

Kurshida’s Chaplains for her year are:

Imam Shehzad Hussain, HMP Woodhill and Central Jamia Mosque (Wolverton);

Rev George Mwaura, URC Minister, Church of Christ the Cornerstone

Frances Gordon, Milton Keynes and District Reform Synagogue

Mr Tarsem Singh Ubhi, Ramgarhia Sabha Sikh Temple, Kiln Farm Gurdwara; Milton Keynes Sikhs

Glen O’Halloran, Milton Keynes Peace Pagoda

Roya Azordegan, Bahai Faith

Suresh Nesaratnam, Milton Keynes Murugan Temple

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