Project Description

Debbie Brock DL

In position 2022 – 2023

Debbie is an accomplished leader and communicator with sixteen years engagement across the community in Milton Keynes, previously an Elected Member of Milton Keynes Council and First Citizen of Milton Keynes. After stepping down from her role as a Ward Councillor in 2014, Debbie became a Deputy Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire in 2015.

She began her working life after leaving the Cordon Bleu School cooking privately, her work took her to France, Australia, Switzerland, Antigua and London, working amongst others for their Majesties King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece and for Sir Yehudi Menuhin. After a trip to Vienna she decided to focus on desserts and pastry work, brushing up her German in Salzburg then working in Zurich and finally The Black Forest in Germany undertaking a formal apprenticeship and becoming a Master, or Konditormeisterin in Cologne before returning home to Buckinghamshire.

She ran her own business for six years before standing for election for the Olney Ward of Milton Keynes Council in 2006. She won her seat and built one of the largest majorities in the history of the council when defending it 4 years later.

Debbie had the honour to become the Mayor of Milton Keynes in 2010 and after her year in office became the strategic lead member with responsibility for Adult Social Care, Health and Wellbeing at Milton Keynes Council, seeing the service through difficult re-organisation and transformation. Debbie led as Chair, the transition from Health and Wellbeing Shadow Board to an authorised Board, working with a range of partner organisations together to launch Milton Keynes’ first Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

She was Chair of The Milton Keynes Cenotaph Trust which, with its partners, The Parks Trust and Milton Keynes Council, commissioned The Milton Keynes Rose, a £1 million Civic Space and work of Public Art designed by Gordon Young in Campbell Park Milton Keynes, for the benefit of the community. Now renamed the Milton Keynes Rose Trust she is part of a very active team that nurtures its partnerships and champions the Rose’s ongoing engagement and use by the wider community.

Debbie enjoys her involvement with Milton Keynes Disability Awareness Day, is a Vice President of the Milton Keynes Community Foundation and Vice Chair of the Buckinghamshire Lieutenancy’s Honours Committee.
Debbie is married to Peter Geary and they have a daughter.