Project Description

Martin Hubert Thomas Jourdan

In position 2000 – 2001

I was taken completely by surprise when I received a letter from Richard Morris- Adams asking me to be the High Sheriff. Those were the days when you nominated your successor, after proper, but informal consultation with the Lord Lieutenant then Sir Nigel Mobbs. I think it marked a time when businessmen were offered the office rather than it being in the gift of the County aristocracy and I followed the same line when I nominated Patrick Phillips.

In addition to acting as the senior law officer in the County and therefore supporting the police, the probation service and the HM Prisons I decided to concentrate my activity on The Buckinghamshire Foundation which, at Nigel’s bidding I had founded in 1998 and Education. I gave  a reception for both at the Judges Lodgings. An interesting out come of the education reception was that I arranged the first meeting of all the women’s organisations in the County with the objective of  coordinating their activities.

My time as High Sheriff

The High Sheriff’s service at St Mary’s in Aylesbury was a highlight. All  High Sheriff’s from the surrounding Counties attended and  Sir Roger Toulson, and old friend from my school days at Mill Hill and later a Supreme Court Judge read the Lesson. I gave a lunch beforehand in the Judges Lodgings for around 60 people.

I also gave the usual evening drinks party for the “great and the good” in the County. An amusing incident was when I collared the caterers to ask why the canapés were not circulating. He said that the problem was that the “chain gang” were congregating just out side the catering tent and snaffling all  the canapés as soon as they appeared. He had to open up a side of the catering tent and come into the marquee another way.

It was a fascinating and enjoyable year for my wife, Val and I: I was very fortunate to have been given the opportunity.