There are three principal legs to the stool on which the High Sheriff sits to carry out the responsibilities of the office. I have undertaken duties in all three areas during my year in the role – and have I have managed to keep sitting on the stool! As I reflect on my year, I look at it through the lenses of both outputs (what and how much I’ve done) and outcomes (what impact I have had)

In terms of outputs, I have spent 83 full days, a third of the recognised working week of 250 days, undertaking a total of 110 separate and different engagements, as listed in this report.

50% of these have been in fulfilment of the task of upholding the Crown, the Judiciary and criminal justice system,

20% devoted to supporting the work of the police, probation, prison emergency and crime prevention services, and

30% focussed on promoting charities working for the elimination of Domestic and Sexual Violence, Violence against Women & Girls (VAWG) and building sustainable and inclusive communities

In terms of outcomes


I upheld the Crown, the Judiciary and criminal justice system by prioritising attendance at key civic, community, faith and belief events across Milton Keynes & Buckinghamshire that have enabled me to speak about, and demonstrate, the importance of values-led leadership in public life and throughout the Judiciary and HM Courts and Tribunals service   


I supported the work of the police, probation, prison, emergency, and crime prevention services by using my networking and advocacy skills to celebrate and showcase the diverse range of people who work at all levels in these key public services


I promoted charities working for the elimination of Domestic and Sexual Violence, Violence against Women & Girls (VAWG) and building sustainable and inclusive communities by using my convening powers to stimulate lasting collaboration between charities, leaving as a legacy The Harmony Fund to provide resources to carry out projects with The Kings Foundation in Buckinghamshire which demonstrate  ‘people, places, planet – in harmonyhttps://www.instagram.com/kingsfdn/  .   

I have sought both to honour the history of the office and to encourage evolution in the way the role of High Sheriff adapts to the realities of contemporary society. I have held to my principle of ‘zero carbon zero cost’ completing my year on foot, on bicycle or in my electric car.  I have kept to a minimum, the costs which the High Sheriff must cover personally because I have received subsidy, hospitality, and in-kind support from organisations and businesses, and because I chose not to fund either a Justice Dinner or Garden Party and made a personal regular donation to MK Foodbank in lieu of providing general hospitality. Notwithstanding this, undertaking the routine activities associated with the role of High Sheriff requires those who take on the role to cover the costs entirely from their personal finances – a situation which is incongruous in the 21st century world of equality, diversity, and inclusivity. This is not sustainable in the long term and is a matter which I hope successive High Sheriffs will address and to which I have drawn attention in a blog on the topic https://annlimb.co.uk/blog/honouring-history-encouraging-evolution-reflections-on-almost-half-a-year-of-being-high-sheriff-of-buckinghamshire

I have received the steadfast and invaluable help of willing volunteers, my innovative Goodwill Ambassadors, my energetic and efficient Event Director, the Lord-Lieutenant, and Under-Sheriff, without whom it would not have been possible for me to undertake the role and to have such a full and fulfilling year. As the 789th High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire and the first Quaker to hold the office, I have undertaken all my engagements by putting my Quaker values into action. In turn, I have been upheld by my Quaker community who collectively acted as my chaplain, and throughout by my wife Maggie Cook. Thank you everyone.

I wish my successor Kurshida Mirza BEM, the 790th High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire and the first British Muslim woman of Asian heritage to take on the office in the county of Buckinghamshire every success in her year. I know she will walk through some of the doors I have opened, and in turn will hold open many more for our successors, who will no doubt continue to evolve the role whilst honouring the history of this ancient office.


Dame Ann Limb DBE DL

3 April 2024

Notes to Editors

Written by : High Sheriff

High Sheriffs Association

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